Genentech Traffic builder 2007/2008

This project is for Genentech’s yearly convention. The final application utilizes optical sensor as a navigation interface and is displayed on plasma screen.

Users place a cube (with different colors on each side) to the optical sensor to go to different brand section of the presentation that showcases several products of Genentech. I created the slides, animation, writing xml, integrating project in conjunction with other senior/junior developers.

This is a project I worked on for 22clicks.

Philips Sonicare eSales Aid

This is one of the projects I worked on for 22clicks. I started from taking over what the previous developer left and made a few animations to show the functionality of the product. I also wrote/modified codes for video and navigation part, while largely in charge of integrating the project, dealing with large amount of data, animation and codes. I worked with senior developers and art director.

This project was chosen as a finalist @2007 Global Awards

Discovery Kids Roommaker Game

View game: Roommaker

Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls is a popular TV program where the selected kid redesigns another kid’s (of other gender) room with fascinating themes they have chosen, with the support from professional designers, carpenters and their friends.

Inspired by the show, this flash game allows kids to decorate a room freely with various items that are driven from the actual episodes from the show. Later, kids get their design profile based on the items they used and they can print out the room scheme for their own record.

Tut’s matching Game

View game: Tut’s matching Game

Role: Intern / Game Proposal / Design / Actionscript
Collaboration with Yulia Sheynkman

Tutenstein is an animation series about a 10-year-old boy king (and his surroundings including his clever friend Cleo), who was mummified three thousand years ago, but now is residing in a museum after being brought back to life in the 21st century when a lightning bolt hit his sarcophagus .

The game has three levels of difficulty in order to accommodate a range of players from youth to adult. It provides information on the educational depth of the show by revealing facts about ancient Egyptian mythology. To add an overlay of playfulness and humor to the game, sound bites of each character are played each time cards are matched.

Marketing department of Discovery Kids included it in a DVD sampler during a Tutenstein promotional campaign in the fall of 2004. (Information from the online dept. producer Shayna Nickel)