Learning Journal: MIDI in javascript

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Dynamically generating MIDI in JavaScript

About smf,mid files
Standard MIDI files: (“SMF” or *.mid files)

In a Type 1 file individual parts are saved on different tracks within the sequence. In a Type 0 file everything is merged onto a single track.

How good, or true to its originally created state an SMF will sound can depend a lot on the header information. The header can exert control over the mix, effects, and even sound editing parameters in order to minimize inherent differences between one soundset and another. There is no standard set of data that you have to put in a header (indeed such data can also be placed in a spare ‘set-up’ bar in the body of the file itself) but generally speaking the more information you provide for the receiving sound device the more defined – and so, presumably, the more to your tastes – the results will be.