Physical building block toy for typefaces
Medium: Paper, metal, wood

Elevator pitch
Typoblok is a building block toy that can create typefaces through the play.

Idea development and sketch samples
I started this project while taking Judith Landsman's typography class at Parsons design school (Spring 2007).
Goal was to create a 3 dimensional box that uses either one alphabet or one word as a design element.
Instead, I got an idea of using 6 sides of a block to represent 6 different strokes that could be freely used to create english alphabets when the blocks are put together.

Here are the design of the block.
How would it look in 2-dimension/3-dimensions?

Sketches of alphabets built with strokes from blocks.

Playing with this block, you can sculpt different typefaces for the same alphabet.
Here are the examples of S, A and T.

3D Simulation of "A"

This project is currently being developed and is strictly copyrighted by Inhye lee.